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What is XX.network and what does it solve?

Founded by David Chaum who is a pioneer in cryptography and privacy-centric technologies, the xx network is a new type of blockchain offering a protected digital environment through the use of an immutable and decentralized data structure. The xx network is built on the pioneering work of others in the blockchain space to form a unique consensus algorithm called xx consensus that is not vulnerable to quantum computer attacks.

This allows for transaction privacy and security, as well as the ability to offer other services that are not possible on current blockchain platforms. In addition, the xx network is designed to be scalable and efficient, able to handle a large number of transactions per second.The xx network is the first of its kind, a quantum-resistant and privacy-centric blockchain that provides a digital environment that is safe from manipulation and control.

The xx network is the first of its kind, a quantum-resistant and privacy-centric blockchain that provides a digital environment that is safe from manipulation and control.

Token Overview

  • Token name: XX.network
  • Token symbol:XX/USDT
  • Total supply: 953.38M XX

The xx coin (XX) is the native currency of the xx network. It is used to trade among users and to incentive participation in the network’s consensus process. The xx coin is designed with a unique cryptographic structure that relies upon one-time-use hash-based signatures. This type of security offers quantum security to the coin such that the coin can be used for denominated payments that facilitate private-centric transactions.

The xx coin is capable of unprecedented privacy thanks to the xx network’s communication layer, which splits payments into multiple-denominated coins that form individual transactions. Each of these transactions is indistinguishable from another transaction on the network thus there is no way for the current leader of the consensus to know how much money is being spent or owned by who.

Core features of XX.network

The xx consensus leverages three innovative mechanisms:

  • Committed Randomness. Each node in the xx network publicly commits (using hash functions) to a large number of random values that they generate but keep secret. Every round, one node is chosen to be a block producer (by a prior round’s random) and reveals its predetermined secret that is verifiable by the rest of the network. When combined with the chain of all prior revealed randoms (extending back to the random published in the genesis block), which generated a new verifiable but unmanipulatable random to schedule nodes for subsequent Rounds.
  • Endorser Sampling. Randomly select constant-sized subset of the network to endorse a block. By sampling a subset of the network to receive, verify, and endorse the transactions in a block, the majority of nodes only need to receive a condensed ledger of all transactions along with the endorsement of the sampled nodes.
  • Compact Group Endorsement Signatures. A new quantum-secure group-signature scheme based on hash signatures that vastly reduces the size of proofs of finality. Each endorser signs only a small number of bits corresponding to the block. As a result, each individual signature is insecure on its own, but if enough endorsers sign the same block, then the signature as a whole is quantum-secure, compact, and quick to validate.

XX.network Foundation

The xx network foundation, governing body behind the xx network, oversees its development, growth, and adoption. They fund research, promote use cases, and support developers and users through grants, resources, and community initiatives. This foundation plays a key role in shaping the xx network’s future by driving its ongoing development and adoption.

Aaron emphasized that the foundation works alongside, “the most talented people in the world in the sphere of cryptography, software engineering, technology, and innovation.” The foundation was organized by the initial founders of the xx network right after the mainnet launch with the goal of increasing growth and global decentralization.


The xx network is a privacy-centric and quantum-resistant blockchain platform that is designed for scalability and efficiency. The platform is designed with the current needs of the blockchain ecosystem in mind and offers a variety of services that are not possible on other platforms. Thanks to its decentralized governance structure, the xx network is also inclusive and transparent.

The xx coin is the native currency of the xx network and is designed with a unique cryptographic structure that offers quantum security. Simply put, xx network marks the start of a new era of blockchain technology where developers can build future-proof applications that are not vulnerable to control and manipulation.

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