XList (XList Coin): Developments With A Community-centric Purpose

3 min readSep 15, 2022


What is XList trying to do for the community and what is XList Coin?

The core mission of XList is to act in the best interest of users and investors, and to promote projects in collaboration in effort to increase support through the main project utility. XList holders also possess voting power and has an important role in deciding the direction of the project, this is to allow for strategic growth of genuine investors.

The XList Token runs on the XRPL network and aims to support projects by getting them listed on different exchanges. A vote is held every two months, allowing for XList holders to provide input on the projects they prefer to be listed. XList will then pay the exchange listing fees for the project with the highest number of votes. Alongside the development of the native project, XList intends to support many other great projects and their communities.

Token Overview:

Token Name: XList

Network: XRPL

Decimal: 5

Maximum Supply: 100,000,000

Coinstore.com Listing:

Trading Pair: XLIST/USDT

Trading Time: TBC

Withdrawal Time: TBC

Token Distribution Pool:

Presales — 16.5%

NVL Holder Bonus — 3.5%

Exchanges — 20%

CEX Staking Rewards for XList & NVL — 15%

DEX Staking Rewards for Trustlines — 10%

Developers — 7.5%

Marketing, Team & Advisors — 7.5%

Future Expenses — 10%

Founder — 10%

Purpose of Each Distribution Pool

Presale: 16.5 million of XList tokens will be allocated to the presale stage for the project to establish a strong foundation and provide interested investors with a chance to gain first-access.

NVL Holders Bonus: This section is used to create a reward system for NVL holders who purchase XList in the presale stage.

Exchange: 20 million of XList in this pool is strategically intended to cover listing fees, provide liquidity, along with other necessary payments needed when XList and other XRPL projects are listed on Centralized Exchanges.

CEX Staking Rewards: Users holding and staking XList and/or NVL tokens on any of the Centralized exchanges will be able to receive rewards from this pool.

DEX Staking Rewards: XList rewards will be given to XList and NVL holders through suitable decentralized staking platforms over the long run

Developers: 7.5 million XList tokens are allocated for the development of the project

Marketing, Team & Advisors: Marketing expenses will help in the promotion and exposure of the project and contribute to the vision of XList. Expenses for the project such as financial and legal advisors, collaborations, partnerships will be utilizing the amount in this pool as well.

Future Expenses: This pool acts as a back up expense pool for topping up other pools, project operations, or new developments to the project.

Founder: 10 million XList tokens is allocated to the founder of the project.

XList’s 2022 Roadmap

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