Uppsala Security’s Sentinel Protocol: Securing Crypto Assets With Collective Cybersecurity Intelligence

What is Sentinel Protocol and what is the UPP Token?

Uppsala Security, provider of security tools and services for Crypto AML/CTF, Transaction Risk Management, Regulatory Compliance, Transaction Tracking, and Cyber Security, announced on 7th October 2022 that it developed a new Crypto Threat Detection System (CTDS) that handles Suspicious Transaction Reporting (STR) and Counterfeit Currency Reporting (CTR) for other virtual asset wallets.

Sentinel Protocol, developed and operated by Uppsala Security, is the crowdsourced Threat Intelligence Platform powered by blockchain technology to protect crypto assets against hackers, scams, and fraud. Its mission is to prevent criminal activities and mitigate the damages when they do happen, using affordable and effective security solutions.

UPP Token Overview

Token name: UPP

Total issue supply: 500,000,000

Total circulation supply: 328,093,657

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Trade pairs: UPP/USDT

Trade time: 13 October 16:00, 2022 UTC+8

Withdrawal time: 14 October 17:00, 2022 UTC+8

What are Uppsala Security’s cryptothreat solutions?

Whenever digital asset users and investors are affected by hacking and fraud, there is normally nothing they can do. This is where Uppsala Security comes in. The UPP team has developed products based on blockchain technology to address this systemic problem. Some of Uppsala Securities cyberspace security solutions include:

l UPPward Browser Extension — A one-stop protection solution against crypto scams and fraud.

l Crypto Analysis Transaction Visualization (CATV) — A forensic tool that creates an easy-to-use graphic visualization of an inspected wallet’s incoming and outgoing transaction flow, ideal for investigations.

l Crypto Analysis Risk Assessment (CARA) — An intuitive machine-learning solution that classifies the risk level of encrypted addresses based on the learned behavior of known malicious wallets and common wallets.

l Crypto Threat Detection System (CTDS) — A high-volume virtual asset detection system for suspicious transactions, coming into the foray soon.

What are the utilizations of the UPP token?

The primary purpose of the UPP token is to support Uppsala Security’s cyberprotection projects, incentivizing the global community to voluntarily provide valuable real-time threat information by rewarding them with UPP tokens for their contributions. Corporate customers who use the UPP tokens to purchase services and products from Uppsala Security are eligible for significant discounts from official prices.

What’s Latest News on Sentinel Protocol?

The UPPward browser extension, available for Chrome, Brave, Firefox, and Edge, is available for everyone. This extension protects its users from visiting malicious websites or interacting with threat actors, allowing them to contribute to threat intelligence by participating in crowdsourcing efforts. This was Uppsala’s first step in creating a self-sustaining ecosystem based on their cybersecurity solutions.

According to official news, Uppsala Security aims to take its next step in the coming months by building a new Sentinel Protocol platform. Stakeholders, token holders, and security experts will be welcome to join this platform, governed and mediated by Uppsala’s token, UPP. Uppsala envisions a project community that can come together to fight cybercrime and protect the blockchain space through the technology they have developed.

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About Uppsala Security

Founded in January 2018, Uppsala Security is renowned for building the Sentinel Protocol, the first crowdsourced Threat Intelligence platform powered by blockchain technology. Comprising of a team of security analysts and researchers who aim to deliver a safely interconnected experience in the blockchain space, Uppsala Security aims to provide continuously adapting and flexible cybersecurity solutions for the safety and security of digital assets in cyberspace.

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Disrupting the crypto industry by bringing in “fun” in finance. We are your financial arcade where people see complexity, we provide clarity. coinstore.com