STRAITSX (XIDR): Paving The SEA Cryptocurrency Market Through A Fully Collateralized Payment Infrastructure

What is STRAITSX and what does XIDR offer?

As the first stablecoin initiative with a focus on Southeast Asia, the StraitsX initiative puts ASEAN-based institutions and individuals back at the center of crypto markets by providing stablecoins that enable markets denominated in their national currencies.

Predominant stablecoins in the current crypto market are tethered to the USD, which can place Southeast Asian investors and businesses at a disadvantage. The StrairsX initiative rectifies this through distributed ledger technology (DLT) for Southeast Asian fat currencies, thus enabling speedy, secure, and transparent settlements within the Southeast Asian region.

StraitsX’s stablecoins are fully collateralized at the one-for-one exchange with the fiat currency that it is tethered to. Their tokens are governed under the trusted oversight of local regulators and independent third-party auditors to ensure that every token issued by StraitsX truly represents its corresponding ASEAN currency.

XIDR is an Indonesian Rupiah backed stablecoin that is fully collateralized one-for-one with the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). Each XIDR represents one Indonesian Rupiah — it can be used for trading and payment purposes and is always convertible to IDR on the StraitsX platform.

XIDR Token Overview

Token name: XIDR

Total supply: 113,902,104,683.32

Total circulation: 113,902,104,683.32 Listed

Trading pair: XIDR/USDT

Trade time: December 06, 10:00 AM, 2022 SGT

Withdrawal time: December 06, 09:00 AM, 2022 SGT

What are the utilities of the XIDR stablecoin?

● XIDR can be used as a means of payment for digital assets through the StraitsX platform.

● XIDR, as are all the stablecoins under StraitsX, are interoperable and multi-chain so it can communicate and exchange information between different systems.

● XIDR tokens are counted out to six decimal places, enabling micropayments.

● XIDR can be used for transactions in the StraitsX platforms and other digital platforms that the StraitsX tokens support.

● XIDR can be invested in the forex market through the StraitsX market, with no cross-border transaction fee.

● XIDR can be exchanged for fiat currency or other cryptocurrencies through the StraitsX platform.

What are the pillars of the STRAITSX platform?

● Licensed by major payment institutions and audited by third-party auditors

● Fully backed by corresponding ASEAN fiat reserves

● Transparent and always exchangeable for its respective currency on the platform

● Multi-chain, thus improving speed, scalability, and cost efficiency


Upcoming features of the StraitsX platform include:

● Swapping XIDR between blockchains through the StraitsX Platform

● Transferring and exchanging XIDR through StraitsX’s private APIs, which sends and accept payments through multiple channels

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Disrupting the crypto industry by bringing in “fun” in finance. We are your financial arcade where people see complexity, we provide clarity.