StarWORKS: Leading Hospitality and Tourism Blockchain Technology Company

What is StarWORKS Global?

StarWORKS GLOBAL Pte. Ltd is a blockchain technology developer that is commercializing an integrated ecosystem of products & services aimed at streamlining and revolutionizing the global Tourism and Hospitality industry. Their mandate is to create innovative blockchain-based products and services that will benefit the global Tourism and Hospitality markets.

The blockchain security and real-time data ledger technology they provide simplifies the workflow of hotels/resorts, airlines, restaurants, tour operators, and other retail businesses in the industry, increasing work efficiency and reducing business operating costs. When enterprises achieve sustainability and gain more opportunities, they can provide customers with more personalized products and services and a better experience that ultimately helps the enterprise survive and grow. The global B2B and B2C business model provides great benefits and opportunities for StarWORKS blockchain customers, merchants, and investors alike.

A Singapore-based company with over 20 years of industry experience in the travel and hospitality industry, Starworks will have technology-related operations in Indonesia, and the company currently has subsidiaries in the US and Australia, with further global expansion planned. The Operations team is made up of passionate individuals with broad knowledge and expertise in a variety of business, management, and technical disciplines.

StarWORKS GLOBAL Pte. Ltd’s product portfolio includes

StarPOINTS — Blockchain-Based Loyalty Rewards Program

StarTRAVELLER — Exclusive Members Travel Club

StarHUB — Crypto Collaboration Cafe

StarMEX — Digital Exchange

StarBOND — Digital bond products and other derivatives powered by the proprietary StarCHAIN blockchain and StarWALLET blockchain crypto wallet.

Underpinning all of this is the STARX token, the native currency of the StarWORKS ecosystem, which will be listed on December 24, 2021.

StarWORKS Ecosystem

STARX Token Overview

Total Issue Supply: 1 Billion

Total Circulation Supply: 600 Million

Market Cap: $311,287,663

Trade Pair: STARX/USDT

Contract address: 0xC4e8A9D47000Ab8E59c7031e311762c68215e467

Coinstore Listing:

Trade Time:2 July 2022, 15:00 (UTC+8)

Withdrawal Time:3 July 2022, 15:00 (UTC+8)

What is the Token Utility of STARX?

The STARX token is the native currency of StarWORKS and was developed based on the Ethereum Blockchain ERC-777 token standard. Released in 2019, STARX is the utility token that initial angel investors issued. These investors provided the development capital to help develop the StarWORKS Ecosystem to its current state of readiness.

As the project moves forward, the products and services within the ecosystem will be offered to the Tourism and Hospitality sector to assist in its rebuilding after the disastrous effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic. StarWORKS will now launch the STARX on suitable digital exchanges, initially as an IEO, to raise funds to complete and commercialize the elements of the StarWORKS Ecosystem.

In 2019, StarWORKS issued 1,000,000,000 STARX tokens. There are approximately 125,000,000 STARX Tokens held by individuals and corporate investors.

What is the $STARX’s Economic Model?

· Public Sale (60%)

STARX is the native currency of the StarWORKS blockchain ecosystem which recreates functions to improve the StarWORKS Ecosystem. Comprehensively committed to planning a revolutionary and functional governance model, we plan to dedicate resources to developing the StarWORKS business, Further plans and descriptions of governance issues can be accessed in our Whitepaper here.

· Affiliate Partner (15%)

15% of tokens were issued for marketing. On our basis, this allocation gives to investors or pre-donors of this project. We have a verified track record and can offer tokens a genuine ecosystem.

· Founding Team (20%)

The StarWORKS team will keep 20% of issued tokens. Soon, the allocation will use for development, research, and operations at StarWORKS Global.

· Reserved (5%)

5% of the tokens issued will be kept in reserve. We believe this should be standard practice for any team committed to making the project a long-term success.

StarWORKS X Coinstore will be hosting telegram AMA on 15 July 2022, at 3 pm (UTC+8)

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StarWORKS’s Official Online Contacts

StarWORKS Website

Telegram: StarWORKS_Global

LinkedIn: Starworks Global

Twitter: @starworksglobal

Facebook: Starworks Global

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