SocialGood (SG): Get Crypto Rewards When You Shop Online

What is SocialGood’s vision and the SG token?

SocialGood’s vision is to provide financial freedom to everyone around the globe by building the world’s top cryptocurrency and mobile app with the most users. Users can earn free SocialGood (SG) Crypto Back rewards for shopping through the SocialGood App. More than 1,800 stores, including eBay, AliExpress, Nike, and more, have partnered with the SocialGood App to provide cashback rewards in crypto. Users who hold SG can also get staking rewards, which are rewarded every 6 hours. The more SG you hold, the higher staking and reward rates you can get.

The SocialGood project has registered over 70 patents for their crypto cashback reward business model and other blockchain-related innovations. The startup is also officially supported by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and JETRO, a national government organization in Japan.

About SocialGood

Token Overview

Token Name: SG

Total Issuance: 210,000,000

Total circulation supply: 9,925,752.73

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Trade Time: 28 September 17:00, 2022 UTC+8

Withdrawal Time: 29 September 17:00, 2022 UTC+8

What are the utilities of SG Coins?

l To enter the world of “Shop-to-Earn” with the SocialGood App, users will be required to hold a certain amount of SG.

l SG can be used to purchase SocialGood user-exclusive original content and services, which can only be obtained using SG.

l The more SG a user holds, the more SG rewards the user will earn in the SocialGood App for each purchase.

l SG can be traded to USDT or BTC at any time.

l Project plans to make SG usable as a payment method at the major retail stores partnered with the SocialGood App.

What are the benefits of the SocialGood ecosystem?

Demand for Crypto Back Reward SG: Of the 5 billion mobile users worldwide, a survey showed that 55% aim to receive cashback or rewards when they shop online. With crypto adoption predicted to rise to 20% in the coming years, this creates a market of 550 million people for the SocialGood App’s patented Crypto Back rewards.

Shop-to-Earn: Bitcoin can be obtained with enough computing power, but SG can be obtained just by shopping as usual. This is what Shop-to-Earn with the SocialGood App is all about. Just by shopping at partnered sites such as eBay and via the SocialGood App, users can earn the native token of the SocialGood project, SocialGood (SG) for free.

Sustainable and Sound Business Model: Social Good Foundation Inc. earns revenue from advertising fees from the SocialGood App’s partnered retailers. This business model was evaluated as sustainable and profitable. The project has already raised $14.2 million in VC equity funding.

SocialGood’s Official Media

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