SEPTILLION (SPT): Providing Marketing Solutions Through A Unified Blockchain Ecosystem

What is Septillion and what does SPT offer?

This self-executing software algorithm distributes partner rewards between community members, depending on conditions such as matrix marketing plans and levels. Septillion follows the Binance practice of ICO marketing and utilizes the power of blockchain to make businesses more efficient, transparent, and reliable.

Septillion envisions an integrated blockchain-based world where businesses, employees, assets, and investors are gathered in a unified blockchain ecosystem. The Septillion token SPT is the native coin that holds trading power, advantages, and governance in the Septillion ecosystem.

SPT Token Overview

Token name: Septillion (SPT)

Total supply: 350,000,000

Total circulation: 350,000,000

Opening Price: $0.12 Listing

Trading pair: SPT/USDT

Listing Date: 16 December 2022

What are the utilities of the SPT token?

● SPT offers holders rewards in the Septillion platform.

● SPT can be exchanged within the Septillion platform with other users to fuel the SPT economy.

● The SPT token can be used to purchase NFTs available in the marketplace, including unique ownership of Game-fi characters.

● The SPT currency can be traded on DeFi platforms and traded to USDT at any time.

What are the features of the Septillion ecosystem?

Private and Public Sale Options: Fundraising for projects will come in a variety of phases.

Automatic Distributions: Traders and investors can access the assets quickly.

What services does the Septillion platform offer?

● Decentralized exchange

● P2P trading

● SEPA/Wire transfer option

● Credit/debit card option

Septillion Roadmap

SPT Roadmap

Septillion Official Media


As a leading global provider of financial infrastructure and technology in the field of the crypto economy, aims to become the preferred cryptocurrency trading platform and digital service provider worldwide. Media Contact

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Jennifer Lu, Co-founder | Social Media

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