Revolutionizing Online Payments: Exploring METALINK’s Ecosystem with Social Pay, M40 Token, Payment Links, and Pay Button

3 min readNov 24, 2023

What is M40 and what does it solve?

METALINK is a payment layer for Web3, designed to provide innovative solutions for the crypto ecosystem, with a particular focus on micropayments. It aims to simplify the use of crypto in everyday life and is integrated with major companies like Coinbase, Galaxy Digital, and CMS. Set to launch in December 2023, METALINK offers four key payment services. METALINK’s mission is to make cryptocurrency payments as easy and convenient as possible, bridging the gap between traditional web (Web2) and decentralized web (Web3). It focuses on user-friendly products that facilitate sending, receiving, and earning digital currencies on popular websites and platforms.

Token Overview

  • Token name: MetaLink
  • Token symbol: $M40
  • Total issue supply: 10,000,000,000

Coinstore Listing

  • Trading pair: M40 / USDT
  • Trade time: 2023/11/16 22:00(UTC+8)
  • Withdrawal time: 2023/11/16 24:00(UTC+8)

What are the utilities of M40?

The METALINK Token ($M40) is associated with Meta.ME, a Web3 link-in-bio tool designed for crypto payments. This tool allows users to create a customizable link that can be added to social media profiles or websites, facilitating the monetization of online presence or accepting donations and payments for goods and services.

Key features and utilities of the METALINK Token and Meta.ME include:

  1. Wallet Connectivity: Supports various wallets for Solana, BNB Chain, Polygon, Ethereum, and Avalanche C-Chain networks. Users can connect their wallets to start using Metalink.
  2. Unique Metalink URL: Users can claim a unique username, which becomes their Metalink page URL. This allows for customization and personalization of profiles.
  3. Customization Options: Metalink offers functions to personalize pages by editing personal information, adding links, and showcasing favorite NFTs. Users can add a bio, profile picture, and other information to their Metalink pages.
  4. Preview and Update Features: Users can preview their page before publishing and make changes as needed to keep their page updated and relevant.
  5. Receiving Money: Each Metalink profile comes with its own pay button, making it easy to receive payments directly. The platform supports different types of currencies, ensuring versatility in receiving payments.

What does the project ecosystem include?

The METALINK project ecosystem includes several innovative features designed to integrate cryptocurrency transactions into social media and online platforms. Here’s a summary of the key components:

  1. Social Pay: A browser extension that connects traditional web (Web2) with decentralized web (Web3), enabling cryptocurrency transactions on social platforms like Twitter, Twitch, Reddit, Discord, and Github. It uses Metalink tags as user-friendly cryptocurrency addresses for transactions on any website or social media platform.
  2. Metalink Token (M40): This is the only Web3 link-in-bio tool needed for crypto payments. Meta.ME allows users to create a customizable link that can be added to social media profiles or websites for monetizing online presence or accepting payments and donations.
  3. Payment Links: These are unique URLs that enable users to send money to a specific Metalink user or address without needing their wallet address. Payment Links can be used for transactions within the Metalink ecosystem, making payments for goods or services, or sending money to friends and family.
  4. Pay Button: A simple, no-code crypto payment button that can be embedded into any website or platform. It allows users to make payments using various cryptocurrencies directly from their connected wallet, eliminating the need for third-party payment processors.

These components collectively create a versatile and user-friendly ecosystem for integrating cryptocurrency payments into everyday online interactions and transactions.

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