RealityMetaverse(RMV): The True Connection Between The Real World And The Metaverse

3 min readMar 26, 2024

What is Reality Metaverse?

Reality Metaverse has created the true connection between real life and Metaverse, building a sustainable ecosystem where they allow web3 player-investors to earn royalties from their web2 games through expanding NFT utilities. Reality Metaverse is creating a collection of 2 000+ NFTs, which are divided into fractions with royalties for their owners.

Be a part of the digital revolution! Reality NFT tokenizes world famous-locations into NFTs and uses these assets in games played by millions of players, starting with the flagship mobile game Landlord GO. Each NFT corresponds to one of real-world locations, famous landmarks, the most prominent cities and countries, and offers royalties from Web2 games and NFT trading fees.

Each NFT has expandable utilities that generate royalties. 3D NFT models are used in Landlord GO’s mobile game, and 30% of the Web2 revenue from these models is shared with the NFT owners. Additional games and other projects will use the models to increase revenue streams. On top of that, the NFTs owners receive 20% of the trading royalties generated in primary and secondary markets, NFT auctions,and NFT renting.

Token Overview

  • Token name: Reality Metaverse
  • Token symbol:RMV/USDT
  • Total circulation supply: 85,000,000

The RMV token is a complete utility token, and its usage will constantly expand during project development adding further utilities to its dynamic economy. We expect the token to be held by many investors and the public due to value creation through expendable utilities of constantly adding more games to our roadmap and visions beyond just a game ecosystem. The primary revenue generator for the project is through NFT sales, and there will be a constant demand for tokens due to the utilities it offers to acquire these NFTs through our marketplace, partnership with other projects, IP collaboration for 3D models, and paying out royalties from games and trading fees that the NFTs are generating.

The token allocation is like below:

● Seed Sale Pool (raised) — 8%

● Private Sale Pool (raising) — 8%
● Public Sale Pool — 6%
● Launchpool — 2%

● Community & Marketing Pool — 13.5%

● Liquidity Pool — 10%
● Creators & Advisors Pool — 17%
● Strategic Partnerships Pool — 6%
● Ecosystem Development — 6%
● Future Development Funds — 10.5%

Coinstore Listing

  • Trading pair: RMV/USDT
  • Trade time:2024/01/16 21:30(UTC+8)
  • Withdrawal time:2024/01/16 21:30(UTC+8)

The ecosystem of Reality Metaverse

NFT explorer

The NFT explorer enables users to easily access the NFT buildings, landscapes, cities, and countries that they are interested in viewing or purchasing. The landscape is authentic to the actual city plannings, and the NFTs are highlighted as 3D models. This innovative technology maps the entire world, hundreds of millions of real buildings, and allows users to visit any location in the world, from the country view all the way down to the building level.

NFT marketplace

The NFT marketplace is a digital platform within the Reality Metaverse website. The marketplace features functionalities that promote user engagement, support sales funnels, and drive platform revenue.

NFT card

NFT Card is a place where users can find all related information regarding a property. For example, it features the name, address, in-game value, number of shares owned and the total number of shares, stats, and description of the real-world landmark.

NFT leaderboard

NFT Leaderboards is where all the action takes place! If you want to see how your empire is performing or who is at the top, the leaderboards are the place to check and interact with other digital landlords.

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