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What problem is the Mooner trying to solve and what is $MNR?

Mooner is a location-based service application powered by blockchain technology. Mooner Service Booking Mobile Application is an UBER for services. User credentials, earnings, and incentives are managed on decentralized blockchains. All users will have the opportunity to provide services on a purely freelance working model. Monner will be purely a “moonlighting” application, allowing users to determine their “work” schedule and earnings. It allows users to be self-employed, and will also be implemented to motivate and retain service provider participation.

MNR Tokens are implemented on the Binance Smart Chain which is an extension to Binance Chain. MNR is the Utility Token that powers the Mooner service booking mobile application. All transactions on the app will utilize the MNR token. Wherever you are in the world you can get paid fast and frictionless. “As an advocate for fair wealth distribution, we aim to empower everyone to be self-employed”. — Mooner‘s Official Message

$MNR Token Overview

Token Name: $MNR

Total Supply: 100,000,000

Total Circulation: 23.8 million

Coinstore Listing:

Trading Pair: USDT/MNR

Trading Time: 21 September 2022, 10:00 (UTC+8)

Withdrawal Time: 31 September 2022, 10:00 (UTC+8)

What is the utility of the $MNR token?

l MNR Tokens are used to pay for services in the Mooner application.

l Service providers on the Mooner Service Booking Application will receive payments in MNR tokens.

l Incentives for proprietary rewards will be credited in MNR tokens in users’ and service providers’ wallets.

l Wallets are connected to exchange for liquidity.

What does the Mooner ecosystem include?

MLN Network

MLN network will be a proof of concept of the core reward model. And they will enforce certain criteria for apps being built and ensure a certain portion of earned revenue is contributed to incentive protocol.

Mooner Wallet

Mooner Wallet will incorporate a decentralized open-source wallet directly into the Mooner application.

Mooner App & Other DApps

The Mooner Application will emphasize and empower the growth and stability of the company’s vision. Meantime, attaining other platforms connect to the Mooner ecosystem is key to scaling the business. so Mooner App Pte Ltd creates a seamless connection for other DApps to integrate into the Mooner ecosystem with a well-documented API.

What is the Token Allocation of $MNR?

Early Participants & Invitation (40%) + Bonus (20%)

Tokens allocated for early invited participants: 40 Million MNR tokens.

Company Reserves for Different JVs (10%)

Tokens will be used in additional offerings and future developments. Tokens will be frozen for a period of 60 months with an annual release schedule of 2%.

Team & Advisors (15%)

Tokens will be frozen for a period of 60 months with an annual release schedule of 3%.

Development & Growth (15%)

These tokens will be used to incentivize and reward developers to build projects, and partnerships and grow the Mooner Ecosystem. Tokens will be frozen for a period of 60 months with an annual release schedule of 3%.

MNR Token Allocation

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