Millennium Sapphire Token (MS Token): A NFT Studio Offering Digitization Sale Options for Traditional Arts

What is Millennium Sapphire, and what is the role of MS Token (MSTO)?

MS Token is sponsored by Millennium Fine Art, Inc. (MFAI), the prior sole owner of the Millennium Sapphire. The Millennium Sapphire NFT Studio works with leading animation studios and world-famous artists such as Alessio Boschi to help design NFTs based on the people, places, and stories depicted on the Millennium Sapphire®.

The MS tokens represent actual ownership of this magnificent work of art and future pro-rata share in the potential profits driven by NFTs. Ownership in a major work of art will be fractionalized via STO, allowing buyers to gain ownership of the Millennium Sapphire® when they purchase MS security tokens. It represents your stake in MILLENNIUM SAPPHIRE® and is also shared pro rata in the sale of NFTs created by the project’s wholly-owned studio with some of the best artists in the digital world.

MS Token Overviews

Token Name: MSTO

Total Supply: 150 million

Total Circulation: 150 million Listing

Trading Pair: MSTO/USDT

Trade Time: TBA

Withdrawal Time: TBA

What are the utilities of MS Token?

Allow financially independent investors to invest in such work.

To provide new liquidity paths for owners of fine art.

Starting with Millennium Sapphire, using the outstanding attributes of blockchain technology registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission to create a new liquid market for the world’s top artists.

What is MS Token Tokenomics?

Art Acquisitions: 30 million tokens — 20%

Incentives: 5 million tokens — 3.33%

Team: 19.62 million tokens — 13.08%

MFAI shareholders: 92.38 million tokens — 61.58%

Millennium Sapphire Token Official Media


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