MetalBacked.Money: First Token on Backed by Gold & Platinum

What is MBMX?

MBMX, also known as MetalBacked.Money, is a decentralized digital asset that’s backed by its reserves of physical Gold and Platinum, meaning to say that MBMX is not only an investment but a savings account as well. Its goals lie in boosting financial wealth safely and making a positive impact on others’ lives by aiding millions in shaping their financial future — The People’s Money.

MBMX Token Overview

Total Supply: 10,000,000
Market Cap: $170,911,332.05
Trading Pair: MBMX/USDC
Launch Date: August 2021 Listing: 2022.02.22 20.22 (GMT+8)

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What is the Purpose of MBMX?

As the first and only token to be backed by tangible assets such as Gold & Platinum, MBMX has multiple goals it aims to achieve such as:

  • Running on Ethereum blockchain technology, MBMX enables liquidity, financial leverage, and decentralized transactions
  • MBMX also aims to have their own blockchain in future plans and is currently a substantial plot point in the storyline of a hit television series named “Crypto”
  • Creating a safe and secure investment platform that’s predictable when growing financial wealth
  • Making a positive impact on others’ lives, especially those in poor mining communities

Fully Backed By Gold & Platinum

MBMX leverages valuable metals such as Gold and Platinum as its store of value. As Gold is inert, malleable, attractive and internationally acknowledged, it is one of the most universally accepted materials in exchange for goods and services, making it valuable. While Platinum shares many similar properties with Gold, it has a higher melting point, making it energy-intensive to smelt and forge. Its high density and limited mines result in its high and stable price.

MBMX currently possess 1,385,450 ounces and 4,948,900 ounces of Gold and Platinum respectively, each with a deposit value of $2.47 billion and $5.33 billion. With a built-in stop-loss algorithm, the project ensures that the value of MBMX will not fall below the price of Gold and Platinum on the market.

Furthermore, MBMX has a limited supply of 10 million MBMX tokens into the marketplace, while their Metal mineral rights (Texas mine K-150) is valued at $7.8 billion.

A Token with a Heart: Money Without Borders

As MBMX focuses on giving back to the community, proceeds derived from partnering mines will be used to upgrade mining operations to increase productivity and safety for miners. Additionally, investors will play a part in providing educational resources for children in mining communities. One non-profit, non-political organisation that MBMX works with is MoneyWithoutBorders which aims to empower the underdeveloped, and supply food and shelter for struggling families and poverty-stricken communities.

At the time of writing, one MBMX token is valued at $750.67 ~ USDT, with a 24-hour trading volume of $10,152,929, and a steady rise of 0.05% in the last 24-hours. In addition to stable liquidity, MBMX has no transactional tax.

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