LYOPAY (LYO): Enabling Mass Adoption of Cryptocurrency Through Real-Life Applications

What is LYOPAY and what does LYO offer?

Currently, the widespread use of cryptocurrencies is limited by complex new technology, lack of practical application, government regulations, and security issues. LYOPAY offers a multi-platform solution to this issue through its financial technology ecosystem of services through different platforms which connect users with technological tools to enable the use of cryptocurrency intuitively and simply. In this way, LYOPAY can bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and traditional currency and promote the mass adaptation of crypto so users can make the most out of their wallets.

LYO Credit (LYO) is the native token of the LYOPAY ecosystem and is the key component of all its services and platforms. LYO is built for multiple real-life use cases and diversified purchase utility, giving confidence in its usability to counter the well-known volatility of crypto assets solely as an investment.

LYO Token Overview

Token name: LYO Credit (LYO)

Total supply: 250,000,000

Total circulation: 87,193,912.18 Listing

Trading pair: LYO/USDT

Trade time: TBA

Withdrawal time: TBA

What are the pillars of the LYO ecosystem?

LYOPAY provides a wide range of applications that are enabled by partnerships with multiple service providers and financial partners across multiple countries.

These services form the LYOPAY ecosystem, as seen below:

LYOPAY ecosystem

What are the utilities of the LYO token?

● LYO is the utility token of the LYOPAY ecosystem applications and can be used for payment transitions in all of its platforms.

● The LYO token can be used for staking or trading with other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies.

● LYO also functions as a utility to reward users for completing tasks on its various platforms.

LYOPAY Official Media


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