KITTY KAT COIN (KATS): Bringing Real-Life Racing Experiences To The Blockchain

What is Kitty Kat Coin and What does KATS Offer?

An estimated 8% of internet traffic comprises videos of cats, yet as of July 2022, no cat-based coin has shown dominance in the crypto markets. With its widespread internet appeal, Kitty Kat Coin aims to be a gateway for the crypto-curious to become crypto-adopters through entertainment (and cats). It is working to create an entire entertainment ecosystem on the blockchain, where users can collect Kitty Kat Coin NFTs and engage in sim racing, among other games. Kitty Kat Coin envisions a multi-dimensional e-sports platform built on a decentralized community where users can engage in gaming, trading, marketing, and advertising, similar to real-life NASCAR racing.

Powered by professional motorsports partnerships, Kitty Kat Coin has sponsored multiple cars in actual real-life NASCAR races, with their NFTs minted on the Polygon and Ethereum networks. The platform intends to combine real-life experiences with mixed reality and the metaverse. Kitty Kat Coin’s native token, KATS, is the utility token used in the Kitty Kat Coin platform. It holds governance over the platform, cross-chain interoperability, and trading power within the Kitty Kat Coin ecosystem.

KATS Token Overview

Token name: Kitty Kat Coin (KATS)

Total supply: 9,999,999,999

Total circulation: 3,500,000 self-reported Listed

Trading pair: KATS/USDT

Trade time: 09 November 18:00, 2022 (SGT)

Withdrawal time: 11 November 16:00, 2022 (SGT)

What utility does KATS have?

· KATS holds trading power within the ecosystem, and its cross-chain interoperability will enable it to be traded on multiple networks.

· Kitty Kat Coin token ownership offers rewards and other holder benefits in the Kitty Kat Coin ecosystem, entertainment, and gaming platform.

· KATS are used to enter races in Kitty Kat Racing and the Kitty Kat Race Club.

· KATS can be used to purchase Kitty Kat Race Club NFTs, which are used as access tokens to racing leagues, sprints and tournaments, and other digital assets on its esports platform.

· The Kitty Kat Coin token gives users governance over the platform’s plans.

What are the pillars of the Kitty Kat Coin ecosystem?

The audit result can be found in the TECHRATE GitHub repository

Kitty Kat Starter: This platform’s launchpad will enable blockchain projects to raise capital in a decentralized environment. Its first project, Kitty Kat Run, is a game that allows users to breed Kitty Kat Coin NFTs for racing, trading, and other games (upcoming games include Smash Kat Fight Duel and Kitty Kat Legends).

Kitty Kat Racing and NFTs: Kitty Kat Coin NFTs will be used as access tokens to different races and certain NFTs will offer VIP access to larger tournaments and larger rewards for sprint races. The platform will simulate real-life racing and include opportunities for advertising and merchandising, just like a real-life NASCAR race.

Kitty Kat Coin DAO: The Kitty Kat Coin ecosystem aims to build a decentralized community that gives every user the power to influence the platform’s future upgrades and plans.

Kitty Cat Coin E-sports Platform: Kitty Kat Coin will expand beyond racing games to become a multi-game platform based on Kitty Kat Coin NFTs.

Kitty Kat Metaverse: Ultimately, the platform wishes to create a self-sustaining metaverse where users can not only trade and play games but also interact and live an extended reality with other users.

Kitty Kat Coin Roadmap

KATS Roadmap

Kitty Kat Coin Official Media


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