Harnessing the Power of Frequency Chain: A Revolution in Renewable Energy Industry

4 min readSep 20, 2023


What is FreC and what does it solve?

Engage with Frequency Chain: Your Gateway to a New Era of Possibilities

Frequency Chain opens doors to a world of possibilities, enabling you to seamlessly interact with the ecosystem and revolutionize your engagement in the renewable energy industry. Here is how you can harness the potential of Frequency Chain:

1. Conduct Transactions Seamlessly

Experience swift and secure transactions on Frequency Chain. Whether you are transferring value, settling agreements, or facilitating exchanges, our ecosystem ensures efficiency and trust every step of the way.

2. Embrace On-Chain Assets and NFTs

Unlock the power of on-chain assets, including NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). With Frequency Chain, you can seamlessly purchase, trade, and own unique digital assets that hold real-world value and significance.

3. Purchase Goods and Services

Integrate Frequency Chain into your daily life by using it to purchase goods and services. Our ecosystem offers a new dimension of convenience, enabling you to engage in transactions while contributing to a sustainable future.

4. Step into the World of DeFi

As an investor, Frequency Chain provides you with access to the dynamic world of Decentralized Finance (DeFi). Invest, trade, and grow your assets in an ecosystem built on transparency, security, and innovation.

5. Participate in Governance and Earn Rewards

Frequency Chain empowers you to have a say in the ecosystem and development. Participate in governance processes, contribute your insights, and in return, earn rewards that recognize your valuable input.

6. Forge Consensus in Our Ecosystem

Frequency Chain operates through consensus among participation nodes, ensuring the reliability and integrity of our ecosystem. Your engagement contributes to the stability and security of the entire network.

Embrace Frequency Chain — a realm where technology, sustainability, and innovation converge to create a new paradigm in the renewable energy sector. Explore, transact, invest, and transform — all on Frequency Chain, where the future is unfolding today.

Coin Overview

  • Coin name: Frequency Chain
  • Coin symbol: FreC
  • Total supply: 180,000,000
  • Total circulation Supply: 46,800,000

Coinstore Listing

· Trading pair: FreC / USDT

· Trade time: 15 August 2023, 11:30(UTC+8)

· Withdrawal time: 15 August 2023, 11:30(UTC+8)

What are the utilities of FreC ?

  1. Payment and Trading

Medium of Exchange: FreC serves as a medium for payments within the Frequency Chain ecosystem, likely for services such as energy trading, transaction fees, and other operational costs.

Trading Asset: Newly created tokens within the ecosystem can be traded against FreC.

2. Business Operations

Green Fund: Renewable Energy (RE) Manufacturers can tokenize their assets and raise a 100% GREEN Fund.

Staking and Lending: RE Manufacturers can introduce staking and lending mechanisms, offering additional financial utilities within the ecosystem.

Digital Payment Mode: F-Pay, powered by FreC, will act as a decentralized digital payment mode for trading and transactions within the renewable energy industry.

3. Financial Use Cases

Certification: Entities on the platform become certified and trustworthy, increasing their worthiness for loans.

Consumer Protection and Consent: F-Pay aims to uphold high standards for consumer protection with user consent.

4. Transparency and Security

RE Validating System: To prevent scams, the Frequency Chain ensures no FAKE COINS/TOKENS can be issued.

Price Stability: Frequency Chain’s built ERP makes Power Generators certified providers who can’t artificially inflate prices.

5. Innovation

NFTs for Renewable Energy: RE Power Generators can tokenize their Solar farms, EV Products, and trade them as NFTs on Metaverse platforms.

Power Trading Exchange: Frequency Chain will run its own power trading exchange for RE Power Generators, sellers, and purchasers to meet their energy requirements.

Digital Exchange: A specialized exchange giving preference to RE Companies, Green Tokens, and other allied RE systems.

6. E-Commerce and Consumer Experience

Low Gas Fees: Frequency Chain’s architecture allows for quicker and more cost-effective transactions.

REDE for E-Commerce: Frequency Chain enhances the e-commerce experience for both RE brands and consumers, facilitating faster and more secure transactions.

7. Towards a Greener Future

Net Zero/Emission-Free Goals: Frequency Chain aims to move the entire industry towards a more sustainable future.

Overall, FreC powers an ecosystem that aims to revolutionize the renewable energy industry by providing utilities across payment, trading, business operation, and financial scenarios. It leverages blockchain technology to ensure secure, transparent, and efficient operations.

This ecosystem is structured to offer a seamless, secure, and efficient operating environment for various stakeholders in the renewable energy industry, including power generators, manufacturers, distributors, and consumers. It combines financial instruments, trading platforms, and digital technologies to facilitate a variety of operations, all with an underlying aim of sustainability and environmental responsibility.

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