Grow With Us, Be A Legend: Coinstore Invites KOLs To Join Its CS League Partnership Program

Coinstore’s newest project, Coinstore League, is offering KOLs around the globe an exclusive long-term paid partnership with its platform.

As a leading crypto trading platform in Southeast Asia, Coinstore ushers its 2.0 era of growth by offering partnership opportunities to blockchain KOLs around the globe. The project aims to forge a lasting and mutual collaboration with dedicated crypto enthusiasts of all levels of experience. Coinstore will provide these chosen KOLs not only a transparent platform with an open resource of Coinstore projects, partners, and users, but the platform will also offer mentorship to less experienced KOLs with potential for growth. Blockchain or no, if you’re a KOL, this is an opportunity to be part of the crypto stage.

What is CS League?

Essentially an incubation program, CS League provides crypto enthusiasts who pass the partnership requirements an opportunity to monetize their assets and crypto knowledge. It’s getting paid to do what you like to do best and knowing what you know best: crypto. Once chosen to be part of the growing CS League community, depending on entitlement and rank, CS League members are offered monthly rewards and perks on top of a basic salary for creating content about all things crypto and promoting the Coinstore platform.

The program offers not only an entry into a stable crypto-expert position but an opportunity to get passive income doing something that you love. Members of the CS League will get the rare opportunity of tapping into Coinstore’s growing traffic of almost 1.5 million users for their own exposure. Members will also get airdrop sponsors from to reward their followers, from entrance tickets to exclusive events to growth funds and other exciting crypto benefits.

What to expect as a CS League member

At the heart of being a CS League member is content. Specifically, crypto content. The goal of the CS League is to create a self-sustaining symbiotic community of users and CS League members that share their crypto knowledge through our various Coinstore social media platforms and Coinstore original articles. In the vast framework of the CS League, there are various career pathways to choose from:

Community Publicists are responsible for forging a strong and collaborative community in Coinstore’s many social media avenues like Discord and Telegram. They will oversee community events, build community pockets, and uphold community values in support and promotion of Coinstore through open sharing of crypto knowledge and interactive events.

Content Creators oversee the creation, translation and localisation, and distribution of Coinstore’s content for various platforms and communities. These include (but are not limited to) written content, video tutorials, promotional videos, and in-depth manuscripts. Content creators are also responsible for the generation and translation of Coinstore’s Medium and Twitter content to language-specific communities and the promotion of Coinstore official content on their own social media platforms.

Other responsibilities of a CS League member include:

  • Building, developing, and improving the Coinstore community through open feedback and activities

What does it take to become a CS League member

Following Coinstore’s belief of an open platform for everyone, this opportunity is open to any crypto enthusiast who has what it takes to create and support our growing community. Potential CS League members are carefully vetted and selected not only by virtue of their crypto knowledge but by their social media zest and determination. If you have some of these qualities, then you will certainly fit the bill:

  • Being a blockchain community owner, opinion leader KOL, community KOL, YouTube influencer, or influential TikTok creator

Become a CS League member

Becoming a CS League member is an opportunity to be part of the crypto boom and earn while you’re doing something you love. Not only does the position offer stable remuneration but also looks into the future by granting KOLs exclusive promotional plans, referral bonus, and raises. The Coinstore platform is dedicated to supporting the members of its CS League through commissions, advertising revenues, promotions, and other perks like VIP tickets, gift packages for invited users, and promotion mission rewards. The membership also offers opportunities to meet Coinstore partners, from web3 celebrities to industry experts.

The application process to becoming a CS League member is simple and straightforward:



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