GameFi TAPME: Flappy Bird and Crypto Punks inspired Play-to-Earn GameFi TAPS on Coinstore

3 min readJan 14, 2022

Hello Coin Collectors!

We will soon have a new addition to our stable of GameFi tokens, the amazing and beyond cute TAPME!

Inspired by the legendary pixelated pieces of Flappy Bird and Crypto Punks, TAPME’s GameFi release allow players to constantly touch the screen to control the characters flying up and down. Invoking fond memories of the nostalgic Flappy Bird game that captivated the world by it’s simple yet addictive gameplay! Players’ task are to keep their characters from touching the obstacles so that the character can progress as far as possible. Players gain points for every obstacle overcome, and points can be converted into tokens with real market value.

TAPME GameFi Features:

  • Low entry barrier — People can buy NFT characters with relatively low amount to start the game.
  • Easy-Play to earn — As other casual games, TAPME is user-friendly and suitable for all ages. People can directly convert the points into tokens.
  • NFTs Staking profit sharing — Level up your NFTs and stake them for the passive income
  • Cross-NFTs and be unique! — Players can use NFTs from other games, even design their own NFTs to join the game.
  • Compete with others for the tokens — Compete in Daily Arena or betting with others to win more tokens!
  • Breeding — Get higher level characters by breeding lower level characters!
  • Trading Marketplace — Want to collect another NFT character? Trade ’em in the Trading Zone!
  • According to the game devs, there are more features waiting to be released!

Let’s take a look at TAP’s Tokenomics

Screengrab from

Launched on the Binance Smart Chain, $TAP has a total token supply of 90,000,000.

  • 35% allocation to Private, Seed, and IDO rounds
  • 10% tokens are locked for 6 months for liquidity
  • 15% tokens are earmarked for Airdrops and Marketing
  • 15% tokens reserved for staking rewards
  • 10% tokens are allocated for in-game rewards
  • 5% tokens are dedicated to reserves
  • 7% tokens are given to the Developer Team
  • 3% tokens are given to the Partners and Advisors

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