GALAXIS (GLX): A Platform for Exchange Creation Value by Effortlessly Launching NFTs and Launching a Decentralized Community

Galaxis will start a Twitter Space AMA on January 12, 2023, at noon. The topic of the AMA is their upcoming Beta Release of the NFT Toolkit.

Galaxis is a platform for building Web3 communities. NFTs are a fundamental part of the Galaxis platform. If the community creators can create value for the Galaxis community, the community will also help the community creators accordingly. There are many types of communities on the Galaxis platform. It could be a community created by an artist, actor, athlete, YouTuber, cosplayer, politician, or sex worker.

Building a community with GALAXIS typically involves three main steps:

① Use Token Architect to create community membership tokens.

② Use the Utility Trait Manager to add utilities to the token.

③ Make membership tokens useful and engaging in community spaces.

Each step is repeatable, more membership tokens can be issued later, more utilities can be added later, and modules to add/modify the community space.

Meanwhile, GALAXIS, as a member of the Chainlink ecosystem, recently joined the Chainlink BUILD program. Natively integrating Chainlink VRF into its new NFT creation platform gives users access to a provably fair RNG to create more engaging NFT projects.

The GALAXIS token ($GLX) is the utility token of the ERC20-based Galaxis platform. It provides utilities for every aspect of the ecosystem and integrates everything from voting, gaming, fines, royalties, spam prevention tools, and more.

GLX serves a variety of purposes in bootstrapping and sustaining the ecosystem:

① GLX Airflow: The GLX Airflow mechanism is a way proposed by Galaxis to collect GLX rewards through NFT. The GLX collection ability of different NFTs will be affected by utility features and badges. Community administrators can set certain Badges to increase the GLX collection rate and holding capacity of NFT.

② Use GLX to pay across platforms

③ As a Charging Utility for Utility Traits

④ As a Spam Prevention Mechanism

⑤ Vote with GLX

⑥ GLX Grants

Token Name: GLX

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Total Circulation: 18,800,000

Trading Pair: GLX/USDT

Trade Time: TBA

Withdrawal Time: TBA

Token Architect: This is a comprehensive web interface that handles uploading images and managing rarity. It can also add features that affect the visuals of your work.

Utility Trait Manager: The Utility Trait manager is a modular system that lets the Community Owner add utilities to the Community Cards. It’s one of the cornerstones of the GALAXIS Platform.

Community Space: Community Space is a web-based, modular, tokenized, secure environment dedicated to specific communities. After creating a community token with Token Architect and adding the utility to the Utility Manager, you can use all of them in the community space immediately. There are expandable modules like Chat, Marketplace, and Streaming.

Mission Control: Mission Control is your central switchboard from where you can manage your NFTs and your community.

Governance: The governance features of Galaxis enable the members of a community to raise issues and then vote on those issues.

Dust Token to GLX Token: DUST, the token initially used to incentivize community members, will be guaranteed to be convertible into GLX and set up a guaranteed

Upcoming NFT Vaults: The NFT Vaults are an automatic post-main-sale mechanism for any Galaxis Community. Where GLX Tokens may be exchanged for valuable NFTs like Cryptopunks. Similar to the Main Sale, discounted prices can be set for GLX Tokens promotions.

GLX Tokens Allocation

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Disrupting the crypto industry by bringing in “fun” in finance. We are your financial arcade where people see complexity, we provide clarity.

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Disrupting the crypto industry by bringing in “fun” in finance. We are your financial arcade where people see complexity, we provide clarity.