Equals9 — An Incubator of Blockchain Dapps

3 min readApr 15, 2024

What is Equals9 and what does it solve?

Equals9 Enterprises & Partnerships is a holding corporation in Brazil, focused on managing and controlling the capital of a group of companies. Managing traditional and non-financial companies ;incubating projects that make use of a decentralized protocol, deploying platforms in a virtual environment that use the blockchain technology, known as Dapps. And bridging an ecosystem integrating regular business with blockchain.

EQ9 isn’t just a token. It’s backed by a working product and has three more in the pipeline. Further, in a proactive move to ensure clarity for investors, Equals9 sought classification from D.CVM, Brazil’s SEC counterpart. After an 18-month legal pursuit, EQ9 was declared a non-security token, fortifying its commitment to transparency and regulatory adherence.

Token Overview

  • Token name: Equals9
  • Token symbol:EQ9/USDT
  • Total supply: 1,800,000,000 EQ9

EQ9 is a utility token issued by Equals9 Enterprises & Partnerships to access products and services developed by equals9 and its partners, using a decentralized blockchain protocol. EQ9 first real use case is set to allow players of e-sports to take part in tournaments created at equalssport.com and also in a unique interaction between player and fans (called stakers), by holding EQ9, fans and followers can earn when they favorite player wins. All current platforms and future ones, will use EQ9 token as mean of entry and payments. The company’s bylaws provide guarantee clauses regarding the resources resulted from the sales of EQ9 token, so that it is never treated or considered as profits or dividends and, will never be distributed as dividends among its shareholders.

The allocation is like below:

  • Social projects: 25%
  • IEO/IDO: 20.5%
  • Private sales: 16%
  • Partnerships: 19%
  • Harvesting: 19.5%

What does the Equals9 ecosystem include?

Equals Sports:An e-sports tournament platform where enthusiasts, from players to fans and event organizers, can seamlessly create and join tournaments globally through the blockchain.Players, Fans&Followers (Stakers), and Event Organizers (EVO) are the three personas at EqualsSport, all major Event Organizers can create tournaments and players from all over the world can join thanks to borderless technology nature of blockchain. The EQUALSSPORT platform showed the need to innovate in terms of technology, taking assertiveness when offering an event and tournament.

Equals Venue:A place where you can enter harvesting or locking program,and where you find out which venue and partner in your city accepts EQ9 for their products and services.

Equals9 Music: A combination of music and NFTs. Be ready to earn with favorite artists and if you are an artist yourself, launch your sound at equals9 music.

Equals Bank:Equals Bank aims to revolutionize the way people use digital money, stake EQ9 as a collateral for credit lines.

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