Creo Engine: Revolutionizing Asia’s Digital Entertainment and Financial Welfare with Web3 Gaming

4 min readNov 29, 2023

What is $CREO and what does it solve?

Creo Engine is an ecosystem designed with a vision for the future of digital entertainment and financial welfare in Asia. It leverages powerful blockchain technology to establish itself as the foundation for all web3 gaming systems in the region. The platform is not limited to gaming; it also promotes financial welfare in mobile gaming, creating new opportunities for both creators and users.

A key strength of Creo Engine is its user-friendliness, making it accessible to developers and users of all skill levels. The platform’s ease of use extends beyond gaming, as it plans to integrate into various daily essential platforms, including social media and e-commerce. This integration aims to create a more connected and accessible metaverse that caters not just to gamers but to a broader audience.

Creo Engine is more than just a gaming ecosystem; it represents a movement that is reshaping the landscape of digital entertainment and financial welfare in Asia. With its focus on accessibility, security, and integration, Creo Engine is poised to become a significant player in the region’s expanding metaverse economy.

Token Overview

  • Token name: Creo Engine
  • Token symbol: $CREO
  • Total issue supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Total circulation supply: 100,341,852

Coinstore Listing

  • Trading pair: CREO / USDT
  • Trade time: 2023/11/24 18:00(UTC+8)
  • Withdrawal time: 2023/11/24 18:00(UTC+8)

What are the utilities of $CREO?

The utilities of the CREO Token within the Creo Engine ecosystem are diverse and multifaceted, offering a range of functionalities and benefits:

  1. Governance Token: CREO serves as a governance token in the ecosystem, allowing holders to participate in decision-making processes.
  2. Universal Game Token: It is the sole token used across all games running on the Creo Engine platform, streamlining transactions and interactions within the gaming environment.
  3. Token Staking Program: Users can stake their CREO tokens to earn rewards, incentivizing long-term holding and engagement with the platform.
  4. Gas Fees for Marketplace Transactions: CREO tokens are used to pay for transaction fees in the marketplace, facilitating smooth and secure exchanges.
  5. In-game and Marketplace Transactions: All transactions within the marketplace and in-game purchases require CREO tokens.
  6. Liquidity: CREO provides liquidity in both centralized (CEX) and decentralized exchanges (DEX), enhancing its accessibility and tradeability.
  7. Staking for Developers: Game developers are required to stake CREO tokens as a form of commitment and participation in the ecosystem.
  8. Incubation Program: The Creo Engine utilizes CREO tokens in its project incubation program, supporting the development and growth of new projects.
  9. Rewards: The platform occasionally offers CREO tokens as rewards in promotional events, encouraging community participation and engagement.

Overall, the CREO Token is integral to the Creo Engine ecosystem, offering a comprehensive range of utilities that support its gaming platform, marketplace transactions, and community engagement.

What does the project ecosystem include?

The Creo Engine project ecosystem encompasses a diverse range of features and offerings, each designed to enhance the gaming experience and provide value to both players and developers. Here’s an overview of the key components of the Creo Engine ecosystem:

  1. Play-to-Earn Games: The platform hosts a variety of Play-to-Earn games, offering players opportunities to earn rewards while enjoying immersive gaming experiences.
  2. Nomina Games: Creo Engine’s in-house game studio, Nomina Games, develops high-quality games with a focus on graphics, gameplay, and storylines, contributing to the ecosystem’s diversity and appeal.
  3. CreoPlay Platform: A dedicated platform for developers to integrate their games, enabling interoperability and asset movement across different games. It aims to create a unified metaverse with true interoperability.
  4. Gamepedia: This feature on CreoPlay offers a vast collection of high-quality games across various genres, providing players with a wide range of gaming options and rewards.
  5. Marketplace: A platform for players to list, buy, and sell NFTs and in-game assets, promoting the monetization of digital gaming assets.
  6. Store: Offers a range of in-game items and related products, ensuring safety, quality, and exclusivity in the items available for purchase.
  7. Staking: Allows players to stake their tokens to earn rewards, participate in governance, and contribute to the platform’s stability and long-term value.
  8. Swap: Enables players to convert in-game currency into various tokens, facilitating the monetization of in-game earnings.
  9. Creo Defi: Provides tools for users to create and launch decentralized projects, including IDOs and INOs, enhancing the platform’s utility in the web3 space.
  10. In-House Games by Creo Engine: Titles like Everymore Knights, Slime Haven, Merchant Marvels, and Peony Ranch, developed by Creo Engine, add to the diversity and richness of the gaming experiences available on the platform.

In summary, the Creo Engine ecosystem is a comprehensive and innovative gaming platform that integrates play-to-earn games, a marketplace, staking opportunities, and tools for decentralized application development. It’s designed to offer a seamless, interoperable, and rewarding experience for both gamers and developers in the web3 space.

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