Airdrop: KITTY launches on Coinstore 28 July

Hey fellow Coin Collectors,

Coinstore will officially support KITTY on July 28th 2021. To reward your support for Coinstore Community, we are very excited to present our latest Airdrop event for everyone in the Telegram Group.

Join us on Telegram, become a Coin Collector, and you can get:

  • 10,000,000 KITTY after sending your UID to @coinstore_guardian_bot
  • 10,000,000 More KITTY for each friend you invite to Coinstore’s Telegram (No Upper Limit)

Activity Period: July 9th — July 25th

Invitation: Get
10,000,000 KITTY for each friend you invite to Coinstore’s Telegram via our Coinstore Guardian bot @coinstore_guardian_bot

1. Only those who joined the Coinstore Global Telegram Group via @coinstore_guardian_bot will be qualified for this event.

2. Rewards, for the previous week, of this activity will be distributed to each user’s Coinstore account every Tuesday.

3. In case of rules violation (such as improper means of obtaining rewards, malicious acts, breach of good faith, etc.), Coinstore reserves the right to disqualify this user and will punish the user accordingly.

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