will provide OTC services to all users!

4 min readJun 10, 2022


We are glad to share with you all the good news that will provide OTC service on13th June. This OTC version brings solutions for fiat and digital currency deposits, providing a more convenient choice for digital currency investors to purchase digital assets. which also represents the upgrade of Coinstore in digital financial services and the emphasis on user experience.

Coinstore does not directly handle any matters of fiat currency deposits. All fiat currency deposits are driven solely by our quick-to-buy partner Mercuryo.

According to Coinstore official news, users can pay for USDT on the platform with the Euro, Russian rouble, US dollar, British pound, Turkish lira, Ukrainian hryvnia, Japanese yen, Brazilian real, Nigerian Naira, Kenyan shilling, South Africa rand, Ghanaian cedi, Tanzanian shilling, Ugandan shilling, Korean won, and Vietnamese dong, Indonesian rupiah 17 payment methods in total.

Also available via Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Basic Attention Token (BAT ERC-20), Tether (USDT ERC-20), Algorand (ALGO), TRON (TRX), OKB (OKB ) (ERC-20), Dai (DAI). (ERC-20), Toncoin (TON), Binance coin (BNB BEP20), Binance USD (BUSD BEP20), 1inch token (1INCH BEP20) a 13 digital currencies purchase USDT. The purchased currency assets can go to your Coinstore account directly, and Coinstore does not charge any transaction fees throughout the transaction process.

Why Coinstore OTC Trading?

No need to worry about language barriers, solve problems in time

Coinstore’s mission is to provide an excellent crypto asset trading experience. Through the real-time online customer service center, we can provide users with solutions at any time. Currently, Coinstore serves 175 countries and regions worldwide, with more than 800,000 registered users. Years of work practice have made our customer service team proficient in various languages, able to communicate smoothly without barriers, provide personalized solutions, and help you solve problems quickly.

Super technical ensure the safety of users’ funds in buying & selling has the world’s leading performance and security advantages. In terms of transaction performance, self-developed a millisecond-level system, and the clearing speed is much higher than the current global mainstream platforms; in terms of stability and security, provides bank-level security through multiple hot and cold wallets, offline signatures, etc. services to ensure the security of user assets.

Convenient and quick operation steps

In terms of digital asset trading, Coinstore OTC (Over-The-Counter) provides buyers and sellers with a higher-level operating experience. In addition to the privacy of transactions, the biggest attraction of OTC to users is its speed. The Coinstore trading platform uses professional technology to allow users to select the currency and quantity they want to buy, and choose their payment method. Complete fool-like purchases to ensure that users can easily and quickly conduct buying and selling transactions throughout the day.

The simple operation steps are as follows:

1. You can select the fiat currency (one of 17) you want to trade on the upper right of the Quick Coin page.

2. Select the cryptocurrency you want to receive in your Coinstore wallet, currently, only USDT is supported.

3. You can enter the purchase/sell amount of fiat currency or cryptocurrency according to your personal needs (eg: 1,000 AUD or 0.1 BTC).

4. According to the fiat currency and cryptocurrency selected by the user, the provider of the corresponding service will be displayed in the list

5. After clicking the Buy button, an information window will pop up on the page. Please be sure you understand and agree to the disclaimer, check I have read and agree. After clicking OK, you will be taken to the official website of the third-party service provider.

About Coinstore, as the Coinbase of the third world, focuses on providing digital asset trading services for global users. The platform services cover digital currency service modules such as currency trading, OTC trading, contract trading, NFT minting and issuance, and smart security wallets, which can meet different needs. The diverse needs of investment groups.

Friends who want to know more information, please visit the following Coinstore official website, or log in to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms to follow the Coinstore official account, there are more opportunities to receive regular airdrop rewards! Email Contact:

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