Arabella (ABLC): Simplifying The Futuristic Technology Amidst Rapid Growth

What does ARABELLA and $ABLC Token intend to provide users with?

Advancing with the purpose of being seamless, instant, and secure, ARABELLA’s main aim is create financial services of the future. The intention is to help traders with transferring and managing their funds efficiently.

ARABELLA is consistently building towards being the revolution across mainstream finance systems including smart wallet, exchange suite, gaming & NFT, E-commerce, hotels, and flights. Rooted in transparency, inclusivity, and efficiency for the development of fully-automated products, users are also able to earn mass profits through mutliple engaging activities. The launch of ARABELLA’s multi-utility token in the user-centric ecosystem is part of the journey of providing a worldwide digital future.

Token Overview

Token Name: ABLC

Network: BSC

Issuance price: 0.02 CENTS

Current price: 0.05 CENTS

Total Issue supply: 25 CR

Total circulation supply: 25 CR

Coinstore Listing:

Trading Pair: USDT/BUSD

Trading Time:

Withdrawal Time:

Multi-Token Utility

The development of $ABLC Token is done in a way where users are able to use it in every aspect of life, including but not exclusive to booking of hotels and travels. Traders of the $ABLC are also able to experience benefits such as multi-currency exchange, a foundation, worldwide money transfers, digital wallet, and efficient payments using the mobile financial system.

ARABELLA opens the door for users to the world of Play-to-Earn. Traders are able to experience multiple benefits when they are holding the tokens. On top of being able to receive excellent ROI with the new multi-utility tokens, holders will also be able to receive discounts on future NFT Marketplaces and have access to additional rewards.


l Airdrop — 3%

l Charity — 2%

l Promoters/Development — 5%

l ICO Sale/Affiliate Supply 45%


l Founder — 15%

Balance Tokens will be launched in 2024

Staking Utility

Holders will stake their $ABLC Tokens on Binance. The Tokens can be staked or locked for any preferred period of time. Users will receive automated buyback after purchasing the Token each time. Tokens are weighted by the staking period and are distributed among the total weighted staking tokens.

$ABLC Token holders are able to stake it or a portion of it anytime for a long period of time. This allows each staking entry to be separate and independent. The ability to make multiple staking entries enables each entry to be customized with the desired amount. When users earn tokens from staking, it can also be withdrawn at any given time.

ARABELLA 2022 Roadmap

ARABELLA’s Official Media

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About is a trading platform that holds global influence and is endlessly serving users with smooth and secure cryptocurrency trading services, derivatives business, and OTC services. Our core team consists of experienced financial professionals and blockchain technical talents who provide value in the development of sectors such as digital finance, blockchain technology, and network security protection.

With 180 employees worldwide, confidently provides users with leading performance in services and security advantages.

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