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3 min readAug 17, 2022 Launches Futures Credit Feature

With the growing attention on cryptocurrencies from mainstream media, newcomers are able to discover their path to exchanges. Individuals who prefer to buy and hold digital assets for an extended period of time are warmly welcomed by spot trading and futures trading gain the interest of traders who want to further capitalize on market movements.

Futures are commonly associated with commodity tradings, however it is also available for multiple different forms of assets. The different types of futures include stock, currency, index, commodity, and interest rates.

First appearance of index futures was made in India, 2000. Following this, individual stock futures started a few years afterwards. The higher your volume of transactions, the larger your profit margin will be.

The Unique Experience Coinstore Provides has finally launched our highly anticipated Futures Credit feature where each eligible registered user can benefit from participating. To provide registered users with more opportunities for trading, Coinstore is offering a one to one Futures Credit for every USDT deposited. Users are able to profit while experiencing the unique contract feature of

Unlike spot trading where investors benefit when the price is trending upwards, future contracts and features like our Futures Credit gives traders more exposure to cryptocurrencies without the need to invest large amounts of underlying assets. Futures Credit provides opportunities for users to profit regardless of the price fluctuation of the asset.

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Get Started On Futures Credit With Some Perks
Bringing in the benefits from the start, Coinstore introduces two Futures Credit campaigns happening from 22 August — 22 September 2022.

Campaign 1: Sign up and successfully deposit USDT into Coinstore wallet and Futures Credit will be rewarded according to the amount of USDT deposited.

Campaign Award: Charge 50 for 50USDT, Charge 200 for 200USDT, Charge 500 for 250 2X leverage

Campaign 2: Sign up and trade any one of the five popular trading pairs on Coinstore Futures U-Margined Perpetual Section with accumulated trading value over 50USDT.

Stand a Chance to win Futures Credit according to the cumulative amount traded


Campaign Award: Trade 50 get 25Future Credit, Trade 200 get 100 Future Credit, Trade 500 get 250 2X leverage

Begin your Futures Credit Experience

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Before Taking The Leap

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