Coinstore will list AMT, a utility token to power Web3 super app and mobile blockchain

2 min readJan 28, 2023

Today, Coinstore announce the listing of AmazeToken (AMT), the utility token that powers the Web3 super app and mobile blockchain. The token is soon available to trade on the Coinstore exchange.

Utility token for ambitious Web3 ecosystem

Minted on the Layer 1 mobile AmazeChain, the token is primarily used within AmazeWallet, an upcoming Web3 super app that integrates several unique features. Smartphone users of the app act as validator light nodes, securing transactions on the network in return for AMT rewards. The team behind the technology, who come from companies like Dell, Tencent, and Google, have outlined a 5+ year ambitious roadmap that includes a developer platform, payment gateway, and exchange. They have already obtained a money services MSB license in Canada.

Join an early Web3, crypto, and NFT community

The app has something for everyone in Web3, with a self-custodial wallet for people wanting to store tokens securely, and a swapping platform for people looking to trade. Gas-free NFT minting on their native chain and an NFT marketplace are aimed not only at art lovers but also brands, with utility NFT partnerships in the pipeline. The project has an active Discord and holds regular community events. Over 70,000 wallets were created on AmazeChain in just six weeks after coming out of stealth mode.

Buying AmazeToken from Coinstore exchange

AMT, used for everything within the app from sending/receiving crypto, mobile mining, earning NFT royalties, buying art, and more, is initially listed on Coinstore, with a total supply of 200 million, of which 55% are for a community reserve fund and a current circulation of 10 million. Full tokenomics for the app token can be found in the whitepaper, at AMT/USDT trading pairs are available for investors wishing to benefit from this new listing.

⚠️Data Source: The above information is taken from AmazeWallet's official website and the whitepaper

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