2024 Coinstore Dubai Expedition:4 big events

3 min readApr 8, 2024

From April 16th to 19th, Coinstore will start a Web3 journey in Dubai and will host four events: Opening Party, Coinstore Premiere Brand Conference, “Finding the Future Alpha” and set up a booth in “Token2049”.

Brand Conference Opening Party

BTC halving,ETH upgrade, Meme, Depin, etc. Which topic have you discussed recently? Coinstore is here to bring you the latest hot topic and wealthy opportunities in the spotlight with crypto-native attendees including leaders, operators, builders, institutions, and investors from the ecosystem’s most innovative and creative organizations.

Come to join our private party during Token 2049.

Time: April 16th

Address:Flair-5 Ritz Carlton,DIFC

Click for registration: https://lu.ma/bmsvvjau

2024 Coinstore Premiere Brand Conference

Coinstore,will hold “2024 Coinstore Premiere Brand Conference ‘’ together with ICP,Infinity Ventures,and BTC Security Labs. The conference will gather over 500 crypto entrepreneurs, investors, experts, and famous KOLs in Dubai, and will bring unique industry perspectives and discuss the latest industry trends,including BTC ecosystem,the development of L2, and the opportunities and challenges of public chains through the industry’s celebrity forum.

Time: April 17th

Address:Hilton Palm Jumeirah

Click for registration:

https://lu.ma/onr3zx6d (morning session)

https://lu.ma/rvolrooj (afternoon session)

Click for more details: https://ibb.co/vq7mNGH

Token 2049

This time in Dubai, Token 2049 will bring the global crypto industry, uniting entrepreneurs, investors, developers, industry enthusiasts and global media — and create unparalleled networking opportunities. This is the community that will define what’s next in the space.

Coinstore set up a booth to participate in this huge event. Come and interact with us!

Time:April 18th-19th

Address: P45/P46 GF, Madinat Jumeirah

Finding the Future Alpha

Coinstore and Jsquare will jointly host the new public chain forum, gathering top global capital, public blockchains, exchanges, KOLs, media, and other resources to collectively explore topics related to traditional and new public blockchains. The forum focuses on the current state and future of new public blockchains, seeking more possibilities for the future ecosystem construction of new public blockchains.

Time:April 19th

Address:Dukes The Palm Hotel

Click for registration: https://lu.ma/mu1poma5

Click for more details: https://ibb.co/c6sGkpM